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A wish-list worthy guide to Spascriptions

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By Sinead M'Gee


Welcome, we’re so happy you have stumbled across our blog. Seeing as though you’re here why don’t you check out the products Spascriptions HQ can’t get enough right now.


The Superfoods Gel Mask
A new addition to the Spascriptions line up. The Superfoods Gel Masks are as good as they sound. If you’re currently on your quest for #SkinGoals – The Superfood Gel Masks are the perfect treat to add to your skincare regime. With three masks to choose from, you can go all out and mask away with multi-masking or use them as you please to target different skincare concerns. The Blueberry mask is rich in antioxidants that works to balance the skin and restore luminosity with three key vitamins; A, C and E. The Watermelon mask is a gentle hydrating blend that amps up the moisture levels in your skin, oh and it smells delicious. The Avocado mask is a seriously good dewy skin inducing product packed full of fatty acids to put the plump back into your skin. So... add to cart ASAP!


Retinol Face Serum
Gimme an A! Vitamin A that is! For speeding up skin cell turnover! If you love smooth, even texture and a brighter complexion, you’re going to love our Retinol Face Serum. The serum aims to stimulate collagen production and fight signs of aging aka those pesky things called wrinkles. The serum is light weight and gentle enough to be used once or twice during the week. Remember to be even more diligent with SPF if using retinoid products in your skincare routine.


Hyaluronic Acid Face Pads
Why Hyaluronic Acid? Because the AHA boosts firmness and helps prevent the formulation of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid brings the plumping and smoothing effect – without injectables. Our face pads are an easy fixture to adding that little bit of moisture back into the skin after washing your makeup off or to prime the skin in the morning!


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