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Let's talk: Glycerin.

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This month we’re breaking down and understanding Glycerin as a skincare ingredient.

Moisturising skincare products which aim to help smooth, cracked skin usually contain three main ingredients. First there is occlusive moisturisers, work to help form a protective barrier on the skin by locking in moister.

Next up is emollients, which soothe dry and rough surfaces on a cellular level. Emollients would generally be considered as conditioning ingredients which aim to soften the skin.

Followed by humectants, which work by attracting moisture from the air into the top layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum.

This is where the humble Glycerin falls into. It’s role as an ingredient in skincare is to draw moisture into the deeper layers of the skin which would result in your skin looking more plump and glowy than ever. Aka a skincare secret weapon. If you're suffering from a compromised skin barrier (e.g. dry, flakey or inflamed skin) glycerin can help fill in the spaces and soften the skin. 

The skincare scene is currently bursting at the seams with buzz worthy ingredients, but Glycerin has been a hard working underdog for years. Competing against other small molecule ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, chances are, a good handful of your products in your bathroom have good old glycerin in it. 

Lucky for us, a few our Spascription classics contain the wonderful Glycerin such as our Gel Face Mask range. Check out the range now. 

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