Spascription mask 3 pack

Ideal for all skin types, each pack contains 3 different masks. Use each mask individually, or target multiple skin concerns at once by applying a different mask to each facial area. 

Each mask features a selection of key ingredients to target specific skin concerns, is pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals.

Each pack comes with a mask applicator to quickly, easy and hygienically apply the product. If applying more than one mask onto the face, rinse the brush with warm water and mild soap, and pat dry with a clean cloth in between applications



• Cleanse and dry the face
• Dip brush applicator into jar and scoop desired amount
• Spread evenly over the face, avoiding eyes and lips
• If applying more than one mask, wash brush between each mask application and repeat the above
• Relax for 15-minutes whilst the mask works its magic
• Gently rinse off remaining residue

    Spascriptions masks 3 pack