Trend Alert: Glitter Face Mask –

Trend Alert: Glitter Face Mask

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Focus Product – Superstar Glitter Mask

Everyone is going crazy for the most obscure face masks on the market. There are masks that make your face pulsate, vitamin C rich mask that brighten and tighten, sheet masks and now, glitter peel off masks. SpaScriptions has jumped on the bandwagon and created their own glittery sensation paired with charcoal to minimise pore size and clear unwanted congestion.

The Superstar mask is a real hero in terms of doing what it claims to do, that is, it gently draws out dirt and impurities on the skins surface. The gel rich mask is infused with charcoal which can help with removing excess oil on the skin. We recommend this product for those who are have an oily or combination skin type.

Like all face masks there are some tips to follow to get the best possible results. Starting with the amount you lather onto your skin. You don’t need to use half a tub for the facial, just enough to cover the areas of concern. Followed by the time you allow for the peel to dry and let it work its magic. Set a timer, your peel should be on no more than 30 minutes. This gives you enough time to read five pages of your favourite book that has been sitting on your bedside table for months. Oh, and to take a cute selfie to post on your socials.

When peeling off the mask you should be able to peel it off in one piece, starting from the side of the face. The amount of product on your face and how easily the mask will come off goes hand in hand with one another. Find the right balance and your mask should not feel as though all the layers of your skin have been removed. As a bonus, the SpaScriptions Superstar Glitter Mask comes with a silicone applicator, making applying the mask a total mess free breeze.

Once you have removed the mask be sure to apply a light moisturiser to help seal in the moisture and enjoy your beautiful refreshed skin.

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