How to keep your skin at bay this summer –

How to keep your skin at bay this summer

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How to keep your skin at bay this summer

With another change in season (yes, it’s summer already), this means your skin routine may also need a little change up too. Now let’s get things straight, you should no doubt be bumping up your SPF use (a teaspoon of 50+ for the face, twice daily). Ok, since we have that covered let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The balmy weather means more beach swims, more sun, more sweat (ugh I know) more humidity but more chance to really show off that radiant glow.

Hydration is key!
This may not come as a surprise but yes, drinking plenty of water will help aid your skin from losing it this summer. Water flushes out toxins in the body and fills in that extra plumpness back into the skin.

Try our Age Defying Metallic Wash Off mask, formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10 and Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid is the hero ingredient in this mask as it helps replenish and holds cells moisture together. Plus, it’s super-fast absorbing due it’s small molecule size which penetrates the skin at a faster rate.

Warm weather brings about those carefree summer days in the sun, you're sweating so your body needs to cool down naturally however the cavate to that unfortunately is clogged pores. Never fear, you might have heard of this thing called exfoliating.

SpaScriptions is an expert in this field. We have peel off masks and exfoliating tools which help minimise congestion on the skins surface, leaving your skin looking fresh and smooth. Our favourite is the Gold Peel Off Mask and the Nourishing Metallic Wash Out Mask with Green Tea, Algae and Seaweed.  Use our Facial Cleansing Power Brush to get a complete Summer polished look. Be sure to put the moisture back into the skin by using a lightweight moisturiser after a peel or exfoliation.

Pigmentation is unfortunately real
Pigmentation is an easy sign that you may be spending too much time in the sun. Of course, an obvious remedy to this is sunscreen and sun protection e.g. hats and larger than life sunglasses, however medication, environmental stressors, ageing and hormones can also cause pigmentation. To help improve signs of pigmentation we recommend our Brightening Gel Mask which is infused with Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid.

Chapped lips are for suckers
Chapped lips are the worst at the best of times, however in Summer the hot winds can be particularly harsh on the lips. A nice lip balm on hand will do the trick but for a little extra love try our Hydrogel Lip Mask infused with gold. The lip mask offers intense hydration, in a super luxe fashion, giving you softest lips you could imagine.

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