Superfoods gel mask 3-pack –

Spascriptions Superfoods gel mask 3-pack

Superfoods gel mask 3-pack

Multi Masking Is The New DIY Skincare Secret

Developed by an expert team of researchers and chemists, Spascriptions combines advanced technology with high-quality ingredients, at an affordable price. 

New to the Spascriptions skincare range are two Mask 3-Packs formulated to use in conjunction with your existing skincare routine.



Treat skin to the delicious benefits of Superfoods with these lightweight, cooling wash-off gel masks that will improve the health and appearance of skin:

Blueberry – packed with antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and E for skin brightening.

Watermelon – hydrates the skin and delivers essential nutrients.

Avocado – rich in fatty acids for maximum moisturisation.